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Interview with Łukasz Załucki for portal Bolec.info

In an interview with portal Bolec.info Łukasz Załucki Ensila Group CEO talks about investments in modular buildings and plans for the future. The interview is also available on site Bolec.info.

Business Rocket for Ensila Group in the plebiscite Entrepreneur of the Year Bolesławiec Grounds

We are pleased to announce that the Ensila Group has been awarded Business Rocket special prize in the plebiscite “Entrepreneur of the Year Bolesławiec Grounds” organized by Bolesławiec Economic Society. More photos on istotne.pl.

Training “Business Team in the Market Economy”

In organized by Ready Bathroom company and run by Witalni company training, Mr Łukasz Załucki acquired knowledge of: principles of synergistic teamwork customer role in the market economy basis of interpersonal communication

Meeting at Technical School

Today, the date of December 12, 2012, we participated in a meeting with Entrepreneurs atTechnical School, during which we were pleased to deliver a lecture Fri “Example of good practice at the crossroads of business and education.” The company, co-operation … Continue reading

Survey on Network Security

While working on the project SignPlatform, we came to the conclusion that we need to re-examine the market, or to a solution that we propose will find their application in the future. Since our platform to create a module to … Continue reading

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TVP – Sprawa dla reportera.

Shocking story of Rafał Ciężczak, a boy who was born without arms and with a shorter leg. And his mother lived in difficult housing conditions, in a wooden house without a bathroom. Rafal is gifted artistically and musically lively child.
Jacek Matuszewski,Ensila’s board advisor, initiated the idea of sponsorship a normal life bathroom for little boy. The idea of time turned into implementation, and instead of the bathroom, the boy has got a new house.

Association of Friends of the Center Therapy in Szklarska Poręba

The Association’s goal is to organize professional psychotherapeutic help for those suffering as a result of poor personal choices in life or family baggage that they carry for years in pain. Moreover, the Association seeks to promote continuous professional development of therapists and psychotherapeutic help to raise standards so infrakstrukturalnych Centre to ensure that all seeking help at the Centre for the best care. Łukasz Załucki in the association serves as Vice President and Miłosz Sobczak is a member.

Help build the conference hall for Zespół Szkół Elektronicznych

Ensila is one of the sponsors who have decided to contribute to the construction of a new conference room to allow decent working conditions for Zespół Szkół Elektronicznych in Boleslawiec. Element through which the company has decided to support the school facility was set of 10 roller rubberized the total surface of 34 m ^ 2 We hope that they will survive for many years and will allow the professional to carry out a number of meetings and conferences!

Capital grants for the Sports Club “Leśnik” Osiecznica

We know the factors that affect the winning athlete or team, is reflected in the business. Doing something athletic, learn teamwork, determination and a desire to target. Many of our employees grow different types of physical activity, so as we decided that Ensila financially supports Sports Club “Leśnik” Osiecznica. We hope our club activities help improve and develop the future representatives of Polish wings!


For the support that Ensila had the pleasure to offer in various forms, we received direct thanks to which we would like to share publicly. Here they are:

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  • polishsubcontractors.eu
  • ReadyBathRoom
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